For your consideration…

I have a strong opinion about communicative art; specifically that it should not struggle in an intangible realm of understated expression.

I believe any artist truly passionate about their craft wants their message connecting with the recipient. Musicians want more than to be heard, they want to be listened to. Singers know that words alone cannot bear the weight of meaningful expression, so to that end they find a voice to share the burden. The story known only to the painter finds expression by an intentional selection of canvas. The boundaries of the writer’s mind become broken by virtue of the fitting word. These examples of expressive art could be conceived in personal experience, shaped by purposeful design or even resident in the bearer unknowingly.

With that said I needed a medium for my poetry that would not take way from the space tailored for Kratos En Logos or the readers who might not have interest in poetry. To that end, I created a new blog: Poetik Kratos.

For your consideration there will be a regular feed of current posts from Poetik Kratos on the side of Kratos En Logos’ home screen. Better still, visit Poetik Kratos and follow!

Thank you for your support…thank you for reading.


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